101 days to go for 101 innovations survey

With 101 days to go before the 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication survey closes it seems a good moment to let you know how far we have come and what’s still ahead.

Response volume

At October 31st the (English) survey had garnered a total of 5373 responses. Daily responses are steady and sometimes show a peak due to distribution efforts of partnering institutions. It is good to see that many respondents also take the effort to answer the open question.

Breakdown by research roles and disciplines

Faculty, PhD students and postdocs are the three biggest groups responding. Most respondents are from life sciences. Other disciplines are also well represented with only law lagging. But these are absolute figures and should be compared to populations of course. The initial bias of librarians has weakened, but they are still overrepresented. If every librarian that takes the survey would pass it on to three researchers…

101 days - RR

101 days - disciplines

Translation into 6 world languges

In October the survey was translated into 6 languages, after we saw that response in some countries was relatively low. Next to English, it is now available in Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese, while Japanese and Arabic will follow suit. Any help reaching out research communities in these language areas is appreciated.

Custom URL partners

Some 60 institutions have partnered with us so far. In exchange for distributing the survey they get the resulting data for their institution. We hope to find still more partners, especially in the language areas now served with the translations. Reaching out to libraries that often act as intermediary does also involve convincing them this is not acquisition, but an option to gain insight into patrons’ research practices, at no cost.

PressĀ  & presentations

Generally the survey is very well received, because of its timeliness and graphical layout. The initial poster from which the survey grew was featured on the InsideHigherED blog and the survey and broader project subject of a podcast on the Scholarly Kitchen blog. We presented the ideas behind it at OAI9 conference in Geneva and at the Open Access week 2015 meeting in Brussels, and showed an example of some preliminary results at the 2:AM altmetrics conference in Amsterdam.

Still ahead

In the next 101 days we hope to see the number of responses and partnering institutions double. But we will also work on the next steps: preparing the data for release, prepare some scripts for our own analyses, find a way to offer the data in a friendly dashboard style for anyone to wortk with and interest other researchers (you?) to use the data for testing all kinds of hypotheses.

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