Original survey (May 2015-Feb 2016)

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The survey

This survey is part of an ongoing effort to chart the changing landscape of scholarly communication. The changes in this landscape are driven by technology, policies, and culture, but in the end only take place because researchers and other stakeholders decide to adapt their workflows or recommend changes to others. Thus, the developing landscape is for an important part expressed through changing tool usage. New tools are constantly being developed by researchers themselves, small start-ups or big players, as reflected in our list of scholarly communication tools that now offers over 600 of these tools. However, tool usage varies by field, country and position. How exactly is what we intend to find out with this survey that will run until February 10, 2016. The good news is that you won’t have to wait that long for the results! We will post preliminary updates and insights on this site and present findings at various meetings during and after this survey.

Who can participate?

Anyone carrying out research (from Master’s students to professors), or supporting research (such as librarians, publishers and funders) can participate.

Take part and get a visualization of your personal tool usage

If you have not yet taken part, please visit our graphical survey. People tell us it is easy and fun to fill it out by just clicking the tools you use. It takes just 8-12 minutes to complete and you can opt to receive a characterization of your workflow compared to that of your peer group. By participating you will help increase the understanding of research workflows and eventually help improve efficiency of scholarly communication. You may even get new insights about your own workflow.


For institutions & societies

Do you represent an institution/society that wishes to promote this survey among its members? Then please contact us. We can arrange a custom URL that will enable us to provide you with resulting data for just your organization. We have a special page with more information on the custom URL option for institutions & societies.

Privacy and data sharing

Results of the survey will be published on this site or in publications linked to on this site. Only rigorously anonymized data will be shared. Shared data will not be traceable to individuals.

We will deposit the anonymized data in a trusted data archive and make them publicly available. In addition, raw data will be stored on secure Dutch university servers with email information in files separate from the rest of the data. This information will be stored for up to five years.

Other languages

The survey is also available in Chinese, French, Russian, Japanese and Spanish.
Arabic translation will be available soon.
We gratefully acknowledge the people who have helped us in this effort.

Financial support

Vogin-fonds This survey is supported by a €600 grant from the Vogin-fonds. Vogin is a Dutch non-profit foundation supporting information specialists.


For more information please contact: Bianca Kramer b.m.r.kramer@uu.nl | @MsPhelps or Jeroen Bosman j.bosman@uu.nl | @jeroenbosman (both at Utrecht University Library).