Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2016 – getting started with analysis


On June 2-3 between 9:00-13:00, we want to bring a group of smart people together in Utrecht to kickstart the analysis of our survey data. This event will be part of the Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2016.

What is Mozilla Science Lab?
Mozilla Science Lab is a community of researchers, developers, and librarians making research open and accessible and empowering open science leaders through fellowships, mentorship, and project-based learning.

What is the Global Sprint?
This two-day sprint event brings together researchers, coders, librarians and the public from around the globe to hack on open science and open data projects in their communities. This year, it hasĀ four tracks anyone can contribute to: tools, citizen science, open educational resources and open data. There are about 30 locations participating in this year’s sprint – our event in Utrecht is one of them.

What will we do during the sprint?
Quick exploration of the survey results can be done in an interactive dashboard on Silk (, but many more in-depth analyses are possible. Some examples can already been found on Kaggle. During this Mozilla Science Lab Sprint, we intend to make a head-start with these analyses by bringing together people with expertise in numerical and textual analysis.

The survey results can provide insights into current practices across various fields, research roles, countries and career stages, and can be useful for researchers interested in changing research workflows. The data also makes it possible to correlate research tool usage to stance on Open Access and Open Science, and contains over 10,000 free-text answers on what respondents consider the most important developments in scholarly communication.

So: two half-days (mornings only) of coding/hacking t0 discover patterns, make connections and get information from our data. If you have ideas of your own on what to do with our data, or want to help us realize our ideas, join us! You bring your laptop and your mind, we supply a comfortable space, 220V, coffee, WiFi and something healthy (or less so) to eat – and of course, the data to work with!

You can join us on either of these days or both days if you like. On both days there will be a short introduction to get people started. Ideally the first day will result in some analyses/scripts that participants can build on during the second day.

Who can join?
We invite all smart people, but especially those with experience in e.g. R, Python, Google Refine, NVIVO or AtlasTI. Any and all ideas for analysis are welcome!

You can register here, or just contact us to let us know you’re coming.

Where? When?
The sprint will take place on June 2-3 on the Uithof in Utrecht, either in the Utrecht University Library building, or another space close by.

Please note that the sprint will take place between 9:00-13:00 on both days. Participants are of course free to continue working after these hours, and online support will be given wherever possible.