Hypothetical workflows (as originally presented in 2015)

Workflows - Traditional

Workflows - Modern

Workflows - Innovative

Workflows - Experimental

Hypothetical Open Science workflow (last updated January 2018):

Workflows - Open Science

Virtual ‘suites’ of tools/platforms from one company/organization, or supported by the same funder (last update March 2019):

Workflows - Elsevier

Workflows - Digital Science

Workflows - Clarivate 201804

Workflows - SpringerNature

Workflows - Wiley-Atypon

Workflows - F1000

Workflows - Google

Workflows - Microsoft

Workflows - Wikimedia

Workflows - funders

Hypothetical workflow superimposed on tool combinations, derived from our 2015-2016 survey and FORCE11 Scholarly Commons working group discussions (September 2016):

compliance tools workflow_cropped

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