Everything we do is openly available under a CC-BY license:

Open criteria- switches
Criteria for openness and how they influence workflow choices: interactive spreadsheet (see also poster and presentation at FORCE2018), October 2018
Workflows - outcomes page
Example workflows (ongoing)
Rainbow of open science practices

Rainbow of open science practices (various formats available on Zenodo), January 2018

Wheel of open science practices

Turning the wheel of Open Science interactive visualization showing variety in Open Science practices (full image and individual practices also available on Figshare), January 2017

Tool combinations

Interactive table of tool combinations used together more or less often than expected by chance (colour-blind safe version also available), November 2016


Data & scripts in Kaggle, for easily building, running and sharing R, Python or Julia scripts without downloading the data, May 2016

example chart with filter options

Graphs and charts; also see the interactive pivot template in Excel (9MB) for filtering and creating your own graphs, April 2016

Dataset in Zenodo, with the full raw and cleaned data resulting from the survey, April 2016
F1000Research Data Note describing the survey data collection and methods, April 2016

Survey on scholarly communication tool usage, May 2015-Feb 2016

Crowdsourced database of 400+ tools (ongoing)
101 Innovations - poster Force2015
Poster at Force2015 conference, Oxford, UK, January 12-13 2015

The circle, January 2015

We gratefully acknowledge the time and effort of the people who have helped us in this project.

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