First 1000 responses – demographics

On these pages we inform you on the progress being made with the survey Innovations in Scholarly Communication. We will share preliminary results, some methodological backgrounds, experiences and reactions that people share with us, and more.

Within the first month, we received over 1000 responses to our survey. A good start! (but not nearly enough, so please keep spreading the word).

In the next few posts, we’ll present some preliminary results based on the first 1000 responses. Please bear in mind these results are expected to be biased due to the way we have distributed the survey so far (mainly through Twitter and other social media and via mailing lists).

The responses show a nice distribution across research roles and disciplines, although librarians are somewhat overrepresented so far. We hope librarians will not only fill in the survey themselves, but also promote it within their institution! With more responses, we will be able to break down results according to research role etc.

1000 responses - Research role

1000 responses - Discipline

Looking at the geographical distribution of respondents (based on the answers to the question ‘What is the country of your current (or last) affiliation?’) reveals that we have received responses from people in 64 counties, with most coming from the US, the UK and the Netherlands. Still quite a way to go before we have a truly global distribution!

1000 responses- geographical distribution

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